Argentium silver earrings with Keum-Boo detail (HBM073)

Argentium silver earrings with Keum-Boo detail (HBM073)


Long Argentium silver earrings with 24ct yellow gold Keum-Boo patterns. The earrings can be made with a silver & gold finish or a blackened silver and gold finish (see example A).

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Length: 35 mm. (HBM073 A,B,C, D, E, ©2017)

The following styles are available for immediate delivery: Style D, Style F, Style i, Style J, Style K. All other styles can be made to order.

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Below are the variants for these earrings. Double-click on each picture to see it enlarged and hover over the image to reveal the reference letter (A-K) for each style.