Layers, Spring 2017

Layers was the starting point of this series of pieces: that which lies underneath, is hidden, half seen, shimmers through or is revealed - it fascinates me and is a theme I often return to. There was a strong focus on earrings in the last few months and further experimentation with gold against dark surfaces.



Adjustable necklace: grey & white Kumihimo braid with gold and rhodium plated front piece. Length 75 cm. (HBM070, © 2017)

Adjustable necklace: black & white Kumihimo braid with two Argentium silver curved and oxidized elements. Length 75 cm. (HBM064, © 2017)


Curved Argentium silver & black & white Kumihimo silk brooch, oxidized . Length: 10 cm. (HBM068, © 2017)

Curved Argentium silver brooch, oxidized and with green patina. Length: 6 cm. (HBM057, © 2016)


Long gold & rhodium plated earrings,~ 6 cm. (HBM059A,B,C,D, © 2017)


Long gold & rhodium plated earrings, Length: ~3.5 cm. (HBM0069A,B,C,D, © 2017)

Argentium silver ear studs, oxidized and silver. Sizes: HBM061A 20x20 mm; HBM061B 18x18mm. © 2017


Argentium silver ear studs, oxidized and silver. Sizes: HBM063A 20x20 mm; HBM063B 18x18mm. © 2017

Argentium silver ear studs, oxidized and silver. Size: HBM071A 14mm, HBM071B 11mm. (© 2017)


Gold and rhodium plated rings. (HBM067A, B, C © 2017)

Argentium silver rings with folded, curved & oxidized details. (HBM065 & HBM066 © 2017)