Silver oval cufflinks with gold inside. (HBM101A/B)

Silver oval cufflinks with gold inside. (HBM101A/B)

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These cufflinks are made from Argentium silver. The metal is carefully textured before it is shaped and folded. The curved arm of the cufflinks ensures a comfortable fit on the arm. The cufflink front is a folded oval piece of silver. One half of the inside of the fold is overlaid with 24 ct yellow gold. This is done in the ancient Korean technique of Keum-Boo which is the heat-bonding 24ct gold foil to silver.

The round cufflink backs are made from silver sheet with fused wire lines which add texture and strength to the piece.

There are two different sizes available:

A - large: length of folded oval - 22 mm; disc size for back part: 11 mm

B - small: length of folded oval - 20 mm; disc size for back part: 10 mm

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